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About Us

Below are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about OutFit and our outdoor gyms. Browse our latest news or get in touch
if you have any further questions or would like to see a demonstration.

What Do You Do?
OutFit supplies and installs quality outdoor fitness equipment for outdoor gyms thereby helping to combat the adverse effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

What is the Outdoor Gym Concept?
Outdoor Fitness Facilities/Gyms, installed in groups or on a fitness trail, offer a new way for local authorities, sports organisations, and educational institutions, amongst others, to tackle the growing problem of ill health due in large part to our sedentary lifestyles. With our equipment, regular users should soon see and feel the health benefits of a routine combining exercise and fresh air.

Why use OUTFIT?
We at OutFit have many years ecperience in the outdoor fitness industry and health arena. We were the first company to promote the concept in Ireland and continue to work hard to ensure that as many people as possible in Ireland enjoy the benefits of exercising outdoors. Click here for more information.

What Products and Services do you provide?
We supply and install outdoor fitness equipment and related products for adults. We provide a comprehensive service including advice, site preparation, delivery, installation and instruction.

What about user instruction?
All of our equopment comes complete with full illustrated diagrams and written instructions clearly outlining the correct and safe use of each machine. Our qualified instructors can also provide on-site instruction where requested and are always available to offer professinoal advice and assistance.

What about complementary equipment?
We are delighted to be able offer a wide range of top quality accessories, such as shelters, lighting, seating, signage, bins etc. and can deliver and install as necessary.

What about the Finance or Insurance aspect?
OutFit can provide comprehensive information and advice on the insurance situation and the various funding options available. For more information please contact us.

How about Design and Site Preparation?
We offer all potential providers whatever advice, recommendations, and costing are required. Then, having discussed the various options and choices available, we produce full site layout plans. We can then carry out all site preparation, deliver and install the equipment to agreed deadlines. It's all part of our step-by-step approach.

How do we know your machines will last in an outdoor environment?
All our equipment is manufactured to exacting design and specification criteria and complies with, or exceeds, the Standards Authority requirements on manufacture and safety. All equipment is hot-dipped galvanised and powder coated and comes with up to 5 years anti-corrosion warranty!

Do you deliver? Do you install?
We provide prompt delivery, free of charge, of fully assembled machines and accessories to any location in Ireland. Installations come courtesy of our experienced professional fitters with all work fully insured and guaranteed. Please click here for more details of our comprehensive service.

What about After-Sales Service?
OutFit offers an Annual Service Contract and an "on-call 24/7" service for emergency advice/repairs. Maintenance is part of our comprehensive step-by-step approach.

How do you provide for the future needs of our users?
We undertake to provide maintainance, repairs, updates, upgrades, advice, assistance and instruction to all our customers. Our aim is to ensure that customers and users enjoy the maximum use of top quality equipment for many years to come.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions or would like a demonstration.

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OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment