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Outdoor Fitness

“Those who do not find time for exercise,
will have to find time for illness”

Has there ever been a truer statement? Your health is far and away the most important aspect of your life and maintaining it should be your number one priority. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to exercise in today’s busy lifestyle. This is evidenced in the increasingly sedentary lifestyles and rapidly rising obesity levels among all age groups (World Health Organisation). OutFit is dedicated to countering this trend by providing functional fitness equipment for parks, walkways, sports clubs, retirement homes, schools, workplaces and more. Basically where there are people, there can be people working out!

Picture yourself out for a walk or nipping out on your lunch break and coming across an outdoor gym with walkers, steppers, bikes, cross-trainers and various resistance machines. You’d be mad not to spend a few minutes blasting some calories and toning and sculpting your body. We believe in creating as many opportunities as possible for people to work out. With our equipment, regular users should soon see and feel the health benefits of a routine combining exercise, fresh air and perhaps most importantly – FUN!

Outdoor Gyms are a relatively new concept to these shores but have become commonplace in many other countries. In Australia, there are outdoor gyms spread all down the coast. In Turkey and Canada outdoor gyms are common in almost every town and city. In the UK more and more outdoor gyms are appearing every week. We aim to ensure Ireland remains innovative in the way we approach health and fitness and outdoor gyms are currently where it’s at.

Now more than ever before, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to be fit and healthy and to find ways to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, which are well documented in today’s world of "Reality TV" and shock media.

The OutFit concept is a unique, fun method of helping to combat this problem and prevent it becoming an epidemic.

Below are some of the benefits which the OutFit outdoor fitness machines can provide with regular use.

Benefits for the user...

    • Tone Up
    • Get Fit, Keep Fit
    • Keep in Shape
    • Get some Fresh Air
    • Promote Weight Loss
    • Promote general healthy lifestyle
    • Social Outlet
    • Build Muscle Strength
    • Live Longer
    • Feel Good
    • Reduces Risk of High Cholestrol
    • Environmentally Friendly option
    • HAVE FUN!!

Benefits for the provider...

    • Seen as Caring Employer/Group
    • Social Conscience
    • Low-cost development
    • Minimal space requirement
    • Minimal supervision/monitoring
    • Low maintenance facility
    • Requires only basic instruction
    • Tourism benefit potential
    • Equipment has long lifespan
    • Environmentally Pro-Active
    • Potential revenue generation
    • Advertising medium
    • No costly overheads

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment