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Our Services

Our aim at OutFit is to provide the most comprehensive customer service possible, beginning with the first point of contact and continuing throughout the project design, delivery, installation, commissioning, instruction and maintenance.

    Selection of Equipment: OutFit Customers have unlimited options to customise and design their Outdoor Fitness Facility in keeping with their fitness goals, budget and site constraints. OutFit currently have a very comprehensive range of machines to choose from with new models constantly under development. A selection of five or more units will provide a good introductory layout. The equipment is equally effective whether installed in a group in a confined exercise area or spread out along a fitness trail.

    Design and Layout: Most customers will already have a good idea of their requirements. At OutFit however, we are available to discuss each piece of equipment and its exercise values and help with the most effective choice of equipment. Following initial discussions, OutFit can send a representative to visit the site and provide you with design layout drawings which can be discussed and modified until a final layout plan/schedule is reached. OutFit will then provide a written quotation confirming the cost, delivery and installation schedules etc.

    Delivery: The equipment will be delivered from OutFit stores directly to your desired location. Fitting will usually commence on the same day as delivery so there should be no requirement for long-term storage facilities. The Customer is responsible for site security during installation period. Where five or more pieces of equipment are purchased from us at the same time, OutFit will deliver free of charge.

    Site Preparation: All OutFit equipment is ideally suited for the widest range of locations and surfaces. An OutFit representative will advise on all requirements regarding the actual site preparation, surfaces and finish. We can provide details of material suppliers and construction companies experienced in carrying out such works. OutFit can also provide quotation for and carry out the whole development on request with the choice of surfaces being dictated by customer’s budget.

    Installation: To comply with warranty and insurance Terms and Conditions, it is recommended that OutFit's authorised and approved fitters, install and commission the equipment. This will require two to four days on-site, depending on actual site requirements, number of pieces etc. The anchor points will firstly be put in place followed 3 to 7 days later by the installation of the equipment. The installation costs will vary according to the site preparation required, materials supplied and the number of machines. OutFit will quote for all work as requested at time of purchase.

    Instruction: All OutFit machines are simple to use and require minimal instruction or practice. Our qualified gym instructor can demonstrate the correct usage of each piece of equipment to the customer on completion of the installation. Most machines, where appropriate, will also carry instruction diagrams and information which can be easily followed. OutFit can also supply and erect site notice-boards, warning signs etc. on request.

    Maintenance/Service: All OutFit equipment is extremely sturdy and weather resistant and requires minimal maintenance/repairs. The customer should regularly visually inspect the equipment for operator damage; loose nuts etc. and take appropriate action. OutFit will carry out the first service, free-of-charge, approximately three months after initial installation, thereafter annual service is highly recommended and may also be mandatory for insurance and warranty purposes. OutFit will arrange annual service and provide appropriate documentation at very reasonable rates.

    Future Commitment: OutFit staff are available at all times to assist the customer or user in every way. OutFit undertakes to keep you informed of any new developments in the fitness arena. OutFit will supply, install, upgrade and repair machines as necessary and on request and can also provide further instructions to both customers and users and will carry out annual service for the duration of service contracts.

    Finance and Insurance: At the customer’s request OutFit can provide information on various methods and options for funding your fitness project. This includes possible grant allocations, sponsorship, leasing arrangements etc. OutFit can also put you in touch with insurance companies who specialise in this area of activity and can provide documentation as requested.
OutFit testimonials
On the OutFit installations in Dunmanway, Co. Cork:

“They are very easy to operate and will certainly appeal to young and old. It is a fantastic addition to the town’s existing amenities.”
Declan Hurley
Cork Councillor

"I have been using the equipment you have installed in Boyle and it is great - congrats on an excellent product!"
Geraldine McLoughlin

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

OutFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment