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Electric Outdoor Gym Equipment

Premium Electric Outdoor Gym Equipment

Take your workout to another level with our premium range of electric outdoor gym equipment which boasts an interactive digital screen and adjustable resistance.

Tap the buttons on the touchscreen to make your workout easier or harder, while viewing data from your workout like time elapsed, calories burned, and distance travelled, on the digital display.

Electric outdoor gym equipment is the next generation of outdoor workout facility, with amazing functionality allowing the user to adjust the difficulty of their workout to suit their ability as they progress.

No power supply is required – the screen runs off the power generated by the user’s own movement on the machine!

electric outoor gym equipment bicycle

Electric Crosstrainer

Get your heart pumping by working your arms and legs together on the Electric Crosstrainer. View calories, distance, and time, and adjust the resistance for a tougher workout.

Electric Hand Cycle

Fully wheelchair accessible, the hand cycle gets the blood pumping through the body with a fantastic cardiovascular workout. View your workout data on the screen, and adjust the resistance for a tougher workout!

Electric Bike

The Electric Bike is the ultimate in premium outdoor gym equipment. View your workout information on the digital screen, and add resistance for hill climbs and sprints to gain maximum control of your workout.

Digital Screen

The interactive digital touchscreen provides data on your workout like calories burned, distance travelled, and time elapsed. You can even tap the buttons on screen to increase the resistance of your workout – do hill climbs, sprints and more!