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Hydraulic Outdoor Gym Equipment

Premium Hydraulic Outdoor Gym Equipment

Take total control of your workout with our next-generation hydraulic outdoor gym equipment.

Providing maximum functionality and variety to your workout, our hydraulic outdoor gym equipment comes with a hydraulic ram which allows the user to adjust the resistance up or down to tailor their workout to their ability and workout goals!

Turn it down for a gentle workout, or up to the max to really work those muscles!

Hydraulic outdoor gym equipment takes your workout to another level, with more functionality and training options than ever before!

Hydraulic Outdoor Gym Equipment Shoulder Press

Hydraulic Chest Press

The hydraulic chest press works the chest area, shoulders, and the backs of your arms – the triceps. Turn the dial up or down to suit your ability and training goals.

Hydraulic Shoulder Press

The hydraulic shoulder press works the shoulders, chest, and arms, to tone and shape the muscles. Adjust the resistance up or down for maximum control of your workout.

Hydraulic Leg Press

The hydraulic leg press works the glutes (your bum), thighs, and lower leg muscles. Sculpt your lower body with the adjustable resistance on the hydraulic leg press.

Hydraulic Bench Press

The hydraulic bench press mimics an indoor bench, but instead of needing dozens of weights, bars and dumbells – the adjustable resistance on the hydraulic arm does all of the work in their place!