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Considering installing outdoor gym equipment in your school?

As a principal, you understand the importance of providing a well-rounded education to your students. In recent years, the focus on physical fitness and well-being has grown, and schools are increasingly incorporating outdoor gym equipment for schools as part of the facilities and resources they offer to their students.

The studies are all there, but just ask any teacher in the land if their students do better when they are getting regular movement breaks and physical activity, and you will get the same answer.


Why should I consider outdoor gym equipment for my school?

Studies show that outdoor gym equipment in schools promotes regular exercise, encourages social interaction, and boosts overall student engagement. But that’s not all.

We know that many children gravitate away from organised activities like team sports. The numbers are higher in girls and especially true as kids get older. They then reach late teens and early twenties and we ask them to join a gym to stay fit and healthy. But at this stage it is often too late, or at least it is a very tough ask for a person who has never been exposed to “exercise for exercise sake” to then take up the practice.

We know that habits are best formed young, and if we could get kids interested in health and physical activity, just for the purpose of being healthy and physical active, rather than to compete, or to win, or to join a team, then we could have a major impact on their health and wellbeing for years to come. This is OUTFIT’s vision.


What types of outdoor gym equipment are suitable for schools?

Outdoor gym equipment for schools varies in design and functionality, allowing you to choose the options that best fit your school’s needs. Some of our most popular pieces are:

  • Crosstrainer
  • Bicycle
  • Walker
  • Ab Curl
  • Stepper
  • Chest Press
  • Lateral Pull down
  • Pull-up bars and parallel bars
  • And all of our calisthenics training rigs


How can I determine the right outdoor gym equipment for my school?

Consider your students’ age groups and preferences when selecting outdoor gym equipment. You could build it into a project, a feasibility study or a survey for the type of equipment they would prefer to get!

OUTFIT have outdoor gym equipment to suit all ages – from 5 to 18!

Consider your available space, budget, and safety considerations. Engage your staff, parents, and students in the decision-making process to ensure inclusivity and gather valuable input.

And, of course, come to us with any questions and we can help you to make the decision.


What safety measures should I consider for an outdoor gym for my school?

Safety is paramount when installing outdoor gym equipment in schools, and all of OUTFIT’s equipment complies with relevant safety standards. Some pieces require a soft surface to be installed. We can advise on this when planning which equipment you would like to install.


How do I secure funding for outdoor gym equipment for schools?

Department of Education, Clár, and Sports Capital grants are three options. As well as existing school budgets, community fundraising, and partnerships with local businesses or organizations. Consider reaching out to parent-teacher associations and community leaders for support.


Can outdoor gym equipment be used during all weather conditions?

OUTFIT’s outdoor gym equipment is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. It is made from heavy gauge steel, powder coated and galvanised, providing an exceptionally high level of resistance to the elements.


Outdoor gym equipment for schools offers a multitude of benefits for students’ physical and mental well-being. By installing an outdoor gym in your school, you can create an engaging and active environment for your students.

As a principal, you have the power to shape your students’ educational experience holistically, and outdoor gyms for schools provide an excellent opportunity to invest in their long-term health and happiness.

Contact OUTFIT today to discuss how we can get you started on your outdoor fitness journey!

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