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Wheelchair Outdoor Gym Equipment

Wheelchair Accessible Outdoor Gym Equipment

Our wheelchair-accessible outdoor gym equipment has been designed to be simple to use while providing fun and functional workout stations to those who use a wheelchair.

Our wheelchair-accessible outdoor gym equipment uses the same centre supports as our standard outdoor gym equipment, so your new outdoor gym can easily cater to users of all capabilities.

outdoor wheelchair accessible gym equipment

Chest Press

The Chest Press enhances and strengthens upper arm and chest muscles and helps develop physical co-ordination.

Shoulder Extension

The Shoulder Extension gently enhances flexibility of shoulder and upper arm muscles.

Surf Board

The Surfboard provides a medium intensity workout, toning and exercising the arms and upper body muscles.

Arm Stretch

The Arm Stretch helps build upper-arm and shoulder muscles, and promotes & enhances cardiovascular function.

Shoulder Flexor

The Shoulder Flexor helps strengthen upper arm muscles and enhances shoulder flexibility.

Body Twist

The Body Twist gently stretches and strengthens the upper body muscles, and tones arms, shoulders and waist.

Hand Cycle

The Hand Cycle provides a medium intensity aerobic workout, toning and exercising all upper body muscles.

Arm Strength

The Arm Strength helps build upper-arm, shoulder, and chest muscles, and also promotes & enhances cardiovascular function.

Chin-Up Bars

The Chin Up Bars help build upper-arm, shoulder and chest muscles, and also promote & enhance cardiovascular function.