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What exactly do OUTFIT do?

OUTFIT supplies and installs top quality outdoor fitness equipment for outdoor gyms, in schools, parks, club grounds, etc., and can carry out all necessary site preparation and thereafter provides a comprehensive after sales service.

What is the Outdoor Gym concept?

Outdoor gyms installed in groups or around a fitness trail offer a new way for local authorities, sports organisations, and educational institutions, amongst others, to provide a fun and engaging amenity for their local users.  With our equipment, regular users should soon see and feel the health benefits of a routine combining exercise, fresh air, and fun.

Why use OUTFIT?

We at OUTFIT have many years of experience in the outdoor fitness industry and health arena. We were the first company to promote the concept in Ireland, in Adult, Accessible and Junior ranges, and continue to work hard to ensure that as many people as possible in Ireland enjoy the benefits of exercising outdoors.

Why choose OUTFIT equipment?

All of our equipment if of the highest quality available on the market today. It is extremely robust and is hot-dipped galvanised and powder-coated in order to be able to withstand the rigors of the Irish weather.  All of our equipment now meets the mandatory new European Safety Standard EN16630.  OUTFIT has by far the widest range of equipment for you to choose from whoever your intended users may be – adults, wheelchair users, juniors.

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Does the equipment require user instruction?

Our equipment is very easy to use and requires very little, if any, instruction. All of our equipment comes complete with diagrams and written instructions, clearly outlining the correct and safe use of each machine.  Our qualified instructor can also provide on-site instruction where requested, and we are always available to offer professional advice and assistance.

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How can we finance our project?

There are so many funding options out there today, it is just about finding the right method for your circumstances. Clár, Leader, Sports Capital and many many more exist with funding available from a few thousand up to €150,000+.

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Do we need insurance?

We would highly recommend that all providers take out insurance on their site.  If your site is providing additional facilities in addition to your current facilities, e.g. children’s playground, there should not be any additional cost for insurance.  In any event, the costs are very reasonable, and there are several companies willing to quote.  We have not encountered any situation so far where a group was unable to arrange insurance cover for their gym.  For a list of insurance companies contact us.

Can OUTFIT design our outdoor gym?

We offer all potential providers all advice, information and recommendations that they would need, backed up by more than 10 years’ experience working in the industry. Having discussed the various options and choices available, we can then design your site and produce full site layout plans, instructions, etc.

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Are OUTFIT available to carry out required site preparation works?

Yes, on request we can meet with you on site, and agree and quote for all necessary site works.  We can then provide you with Risk Assessment and Method Statement if required, and arrange and carry out all necessary works.  We use fully qualified ground work team, and are fully insured against all risks.

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How long will outdoor gym equipment last?

All of our equipment is manufactured to exacting design and specification criteria and complies with, or exceeds, the Standards Authority requirements on manufacture and safety.  All equipment is hot-dipped galvanised and powder-coated and comes with 10 years structural warranty and 5 years anti-corrosion warranty.

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Do OUTFIT install the equipment?

Yes, we generally install any equipment that we sell. Most installations can be carried out in 1 to 2 days. We normally deliver and install on the same day, as this eliminates the need for storage, security etc.

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What after-sales service do OUTFIT provide?

OUTFIT offers an annual Service & Maintenance Contract, which can be availed of for up to five years on completion of installation. OUTFIT also provides a 24/7 emergency advice/repair service. We supply full instructions for day to day inspection/user maintenance.

Where can we view OUTFIT equipment?

OUTFIT currently has over 350 sites installed throughout the country.  You can access the comprehensive list and locations here, or contact us for up-to-date information.

Can OUTFIT visit our proposed site?

Yes, we are more than happy to meet with you on site to discuss your requirements and to advise on best location, selection of equipment etc., without obligation.

What is involved in site preparation?

All of our equipment is installed on concrete pads, some with incorporated bolt-down cages. There is no requirement for soft surfacing.  Obviously, if you are installing a gym around an existing pathway, this will reduce costs as there is no need for the provision of access points or circulation spaces between machines.

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How much does site preparation cost?

The work involved in each site will vary depending on site layout/ground conditions/access/number of machines etc. An average cost of providing a concrete base, designed for the installation of 2 stations, 2 stand-alone machines side by side or a centre pole with a machine either side, would be in the region of €600 to €800.

What is the lead time from order to installation?

OUTFIT generally carries a large stock of equipment, and would normally be in a position to deliver and install your equipment within two weeks of your order, subject to site preparation work having been completed.

Can we have 2 different stations on the same centre support?

Yes, most of our equipment is fully interchangeable. All of the moving parts (stations) are fixed to the centre support using nuts and bolts which allows you to have any combination of stations either side of the centre support.  This is particularly advantageous for smaller sites where you wish to give the widest possible choice of exercise to your users at minimum cost.

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Which safety standards does your equipment meet?

The most recent up to date European Standard is EN16630.  All adult outdoor fitness equipment sold in the EU must now comply with these safety standards.  All of our equipment is now manufactured to meet EN16630, and certificates are available on request.

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Can we have our site inspected by an independent assessor?

RoSPA currently inspects and certifies installations of outdoor gym equipment. Although this is not mandatory, several of our clients have availed of the services of RoSPA for this purpose.  OUTFIT holds RoSPA membership and can arrange to have inspections carried out independently or you can arrange inspections yourself.