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Our Services

We do it all, step by step!

Our aim at OUTFIT is to provide the most comprehensive customer service possible, beginning with the first point of contact and continuing throughout the project design, site preparation, delivery, installation, commissioning, instruction and maintenance.

Consultation, Advice, and Guidance

Our experienced and helpful team works with you to understand your requirements based on your budget, user base and demographic, and site specifications. This allows us to recommend the optimal configuration of equipment or facilities which will give you and your users the best result.

OUTFIT can carry out site visits and supply detailed design layout drawings which can be reviewed and revised until a final plan and schedule of works is agreed.

Ask any questions you have on grants, funding, construction, types of equipment, installation, and more. Our team have seen it all so put them to the test!

Site Preparation & Civils Works

Once the schedule of works is agreed, our team will advise on and carry out works in relation to site preparation, groundworks, and associated civil works including drainage, excavation and more.

Alternatively if preferred, OUTFIT can supply detailed instructions to your own contractor to allow them to carry out this step.

Maintenance & Servicing

After the facility is installed, OUTFIT are able to provide a comprehensive after-sales service to our customers.

We can carry out periodic inspections of your facility to ensure its safety and continued compliance with standards. And we can advise on carry out any required remedial works necessary.

More services provided by OUTFIT.


The equipment will be delivered from OUTFIT stores directly to your desired location. Fitting will usually commence on the same day as delivery so there should be no requirement for long-term storage facilities.


To comply with warranty and insurance Terms and Conditions, Outfit recommends that our authorised and approved fitters, install and commission the equipment. This will usually require 1 to 2 days on-site.


All OUTFIT machines are simple to use and require minimal instruction or practice, and all machines carry full instruction diagrams and information. Our qualified gym instructor can demonstrate the correct usage of each piece of equipment to the customer on completion of the installation.

Complementary Equipment

OUTFIT can supply a range of complementary items and structures, e.g. noticeboards, shelters, lighting, seating, litter bins etc.

Future Commitments

OUTFIT is available at all times to assist the customer or user in every way. OUTFIT will supply, install, upgrade and repair machines as necessary, and can also provide further instructions to both customers and users, and can carry out annual service for the duration of service contracts.