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Outdoor Gym Equipment for Sports Clubs

Many sports clubs today are choosing to install an outdoor gym as part of their facilities. This could be for use as a training aid for their sports teams, or as a causal sports amenity for the local community to avail of, or both!

Choosing the Best Outdoor Gym Equipment for Sports Clubs

OUTFIT’s wide range of outdoor gym equipment for sports clubs means we can design a bespoke facility specifically to your users’ needs.

Choose from calisthenics equipment for high intensity training, to light cardio and resistance equipment for causal users, to flexibility and mobility-based equipment for older users, and wheelchair accessible equipment for wheelchair users – there is something for everyone.


OUTFIT helped us to plan out our outdoor gym with the right equipment and layout for all of our users. We have our teams using it now for training and we also have members of our local community coming down to use it too. OUTFIT did the whole job from start to finish including groundworks. I would recommend anyone starting to plan their outdoor gym to give OUTFIT a call.

Ian BurkeGAA Club Chairman

Benefits of Outdoor Gyms for Sports Clubs

Use as a training tool for sports teams.

Add variety to training sessions.

Provide an accessible sports facility for local community.

Promote physical and mental wellbeing among members and local community.

Equipment is robust, vandal proof, and highly weather resistant.

Why Choose OUTFIT?

OUTFIT is Ireland’s largest provider of outdoor gym equipment for sports clubs, with over 350 sites installed in Ireland to date. We provide an end-to-end service; from advice and consultation, to site preparation, to installation of the equipment. As a family company, we pride ourselves on providing first class service and building long term relationships with our customers.

Our outdoor gym equipment for sports clubs is specially designed to provide fun and functional training options to all users. It is built from heavy duty steel, hot dip galvanized, and double powder coated to provide maximum protection against the Irish elements, as well as being highly resistant to vandalism.

Contact OUTFIT today to talk to our expert team about getting an outdoor gym for your sports club. We can discuss your users, existing site, budget, funding options, training goals and more, and put together a bespoke proposal for you, to get you started on your outdoor fitness journey.
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