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“All of us here at OUTFIT would like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Kiltimagh girl, Melissa Morley, on her many achievements, not least of which were winning her first white collar boxing match; being voted Best Bod at the Underwear Mile – a charity event held at DCU; and slimming down to a healthy weight by following a sensible diet and engaging in more physical activity.  No faddy diets or quick fix solutions for Melissa, who approached her weight issue in the most sensible way, giving herself time to adjust to her new eating and exercise regime.

As a result, the excess weight fell off, giving Melissa a new lease of life, and she has become an inspiration to other young people trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  We’d like to think that in some small way the outdoor gym in Kiltimagh assisted Melissa in achieving her goals, as it is open all hours and freely available!  Melissa now encourages other young people through her motivational pages on Facebook and Instagram.

We wish her continued success in her efforts to inspire all young people to embrace a healthier and ultimately happier lifestyle!  Well done, Melissa, you’re a great role model for your generation!”