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Outdoor Gym Equipment in Northern Ireland

With its lush landscapes and vibrant communities, there is an ongoing drive to install outdoor gym equipment in Northern Ireland. OUTFIT is Ireland’s leading supplier of outdoor gym equipment, with over 400 outdoor gyms installed across the length and breadth of the island.


Introducing OUTFIT

With a rich history spanning over 15 years, OUTFIT has been at the forefront of promoting health and wellness across the island since 2008. Having installed over 400 outdoor gym facilities throughout Ireland, our experience in the industry is unparalleled. From bustling urban centres to serene rural retreats, our installations serve as beacons of fitness accessibility for individuals of all ages and abilities.

We offer a turnkey service – from initial advice and consultation, to site preparation and civil works, to supply & installation of the equipment, to servicing & maintenance – we do it all!


Elevating Outdoor Fitness in Northern Ireland

We want to help the people of Northern Ireland to gain access to the best outdoor gyms money can buy. With a wide range of outdoor gym equipment suitable for all users including crosstrainers, walkers, bicycles, fitness riders, chest presses, leg presses, abdominal curls, much, much more, as well as wheelchair accessible equipment and calisthenics equipment – there really is something for everyone!

We even have a range of premium equipment with adjustable resistance to take your outdoor gym to another level!

Our goal is simple: to empower communities in Northern Ireland to embrace outdoor fitness as a cornerstone of their well-being.


Why Outdoor Gym Equipment for Northern Ireland?

Outdoor gym equipment offers a multitude of benefits that resonate deeply with the Northern Irish spirit. Here’s why it’s the perfect fit for your community:


Accessible to all, our outdoor gym equipment provides a welcoming space for individuals to engage in physical activity without barriers or limitations.

Connection with Nature:

Amidst Northern Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes, outdoor fitness enthusiasts can relish the opportunity to exercise amidst nature’s splendour, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

Community Engagement:

Our outdoor gyms serve as focal points for community engagement, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among residents.

Partnering with OUTFIT

When you partner with OUTFIT you’re not just investing in outdoor gym equipment – you’re investing in the health and vitality of your community. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and install a bespoke outdoor gym facility tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Get Started Today!

Contact OUTFIT today to learn more about our range of outdoor gym equipment for Northern Ireland, and how we can help transform your vision into reality.