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Parkour Parks in Ireland

In recent years, more and more Parkour parks have sprung up around Ireland, with the latest and greatest being installed in Miillenium Park in Dublin. There are now many Parkour parks in Ireland where the Parkour community can hone their skills and practice tricking before moving to more challenging urban environments.

But wait, isn’t the point of Parkour to do it in an urban environment?

Well, yes – eventually. But like any discipline you hone your skills in a controlled environment first, before bringing those skills to the streets and applying them in more creative ways.

Also for kids, jumping across walls and traffic bollards may not be the safest way to learn! So Parkour parks are a vital part in the process of getting more people involved.


Where are the Parkour parks in Ireland?

Millenium Park. Blanchardstown, Dublin

This park was designed and built by Parkour experts, and made from top of the range materials with a rubber surface, providing unrivalled grip even in wet conditions. As stated by the Parkour community, by far the best Parkour park in Ireland! Suitable for beginners and experts.

OUTFIT completed the installation of this facility for Fingal County Council in early 2024.

See more here.


Lucan Parkour Park. Lucan, Dublin

Made from precast concrete, this small park is a great place to get started on your parkour journey.

South Dublin

South Dublin County Council have a cool “Teen Spaces” programme, providing cool facilities for teens and young adults to enjoy. The parks listed below all have a small element of Parkour attached and are definitely worth a visit!

Tandy’s Lane Park:





OUTFIT are Ireland’s outdoor fitness and recreation experts, and the exclusive distributor for Flowparks – Europe’s top manufacturers of elite parkour equipment. Speak to us today about getting a Parkour park in your area and we can get you started on your first steps towards big backflipping!

Learn More about OUTFIT’s Parkour parks here.