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Playground Suppliers in Ireland

There are several suppliers in Ireland who provide playgrounds and other similar facilities, and we have compiled a helpful list below.



While OUTFIT do not provide your typical playground equipment, we do provide outdoor gyms, pump tracks, parkour equipment, children’s outdoor gym equipment and more!

Timber Play Ireland

Timber Play Ireland are based in Galway and specialise in timber playgrounds.

Lars Play

Lars Play are located in Tyrone in Northern Ireland and are the sole agents in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for Lars Laj UK.

Murphy Playgrounds

Murphy Playgrounds are based in Galway and provide a range of playground options across the country.

Creative Play

Creative Play are located in Galway and provide functional, fun playground equipment for children of all ages.


Kompan are an international company with an office in Galway. They have a large range of equipment in many styles.

Spraoi Linn

Spraoi Linn are from Wexford but operate across the country. They have a wide range of playground equipment available.

Browne Brothers

Browne Brothers are based in Cork and provide playgrounds and associated landscaping services across Ireland.


Apologies to anybody we have missed – there may be more playgound suppliers in Ireland that we have not included. Let us know if you would like us to include you on the list!

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