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Parkour Ireland

Parkour is a growing activity in Ireland, with several hundred active “traceurs” across Ireland. Parkour in Ireland is becoming more popular all the time, with active Parkour communities in most big cities.

Dublin Parkour are probably the most active. Follow them on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

How long does it take to learn parkour?

The time it takes to learn parkour can vary depending on individual factors such as athleticism, fitness level, coordination, and dedication to practice. Some people may pick up basic parkour movements relatively quickly, while others may take longer to master them.

Ultimately, the time it takes to learn parkour depends on your commitment, consistency, and natural aptitude for movement. That said – anyone can enjoy the simple movements and can benefit from the increased physical activity that Parkour provides.

The best time to start learning parkour was yesterday…the second best time is now!

Parkour guy doing tricks

How to do parkour for beginners

Generally, it’s recommended to start with basic movements and techniques such as jumping, rolling, vaulting, and climbing before progressing to more advanced maneuvers.

Consistent practice and training, along with proper guidance from experienced practitioners or coaches, can really help you to get off the ground quickly and start tricking your way to parkour greatness!

Where are the parkour parks in Ireland?

There are several excellent parkour parks in Ireland, with the best one (according to the Parkour community!) in Millenium Park in Dublin. We have made a helpful lists here of Parkour sites across Ireland.


How can I get a Parkour park in my area?

OUTFIT are exclusive distributors for Flowparks, Europe’s top parkour equipment manufacturers. Flowparks literally wrote the book on Parkour, and their parks are designed in collaboration with internationally renowned Parkour champions.

Contact your local councillor or TD and tell them what you want in your area. Get other people together and ask for the same thing. Your local councillors want to bring facilities to your area, but if they don’t know what young people want, they can’t help!

Contact OUTFIT today for more information!